Robótica 2011




What is the Portuguese Robotics Open?

It is a festival to promote robotic in Portugal, where elements from 8 years old on develop their knowledge in the field of robotics, through competitions with robots.


Do I need to have a robot?

Yes, each team must bring its own robot.

I am very found of robotics and would like to participate in a junior competition of ROBÓTICA2011. However, my electronics knowledge is still scarce. Can I still participate?

Yes. On an initial stage, specially for those students with lower electronics knowledge, there are alternatives which ease learning and using robots. Instead of developing your own robot, the students can acquire a robotic kit which includes all the parts needed to build their robot (there are several options available online). Gather your team, as a professor's help, assemble your robot and participate.


We would like to participate in a junior competition with a team of 6 elements, is it possible?

Yes. Nevertheless, ideally junior teams should have 4 elements, reaching in exceptional cases 6 elements (check the General Regulations [LINK]). The goal behind this limit is to open the competition to more teams and more schools.

Where does check-in take place?

Check-in takes place at the Reception of IST Congress Center, located at floor -1 of IST Civil Engineering Pavilion.


What is the difference between registration and pre-registration?