Robótica 2011



Accommodation and Meals


The participants in the Junior competitions can be accommodated in sport pavilions, which will be made available. These pavilions are the following:

  • Associação de Estudantes do Instituto Superior Técnico (AEIST) sport pavilion, located at IST campus.
  • One of the sport pavilions from the Escola Secundária D. Filipa de Lencastre, located at about 100 meters from IST.

It is predicted to have no mattresses available, so we advise to bring a camping mattress along with the sleeping bag. The responsible for the team should stay with it in the pavilion.

There is a list with hotels and hostels available. The reservations can be made directly with Abreu Agency. Please go to the web page:

Another possibility is to use the Lisbon Camping Park, which is described in Lisboa Camping & Bungalows, with the prices indicated in the Table of Prices. It is advisable to use your own automobile for this option. We recall that there is no free parking at IST.

Alojamento e Refeições


Robótica 2011 will supply lunch and dinner for all participants from Wednesday until Saturday (only lunch) at the IST student refectory.

The Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch will be provided as a buffet.

Alojamento e Refeições